“Of course, of course … So stretch hurts, or you have an injury or …”

Who among us has not heard this from a buddy / or from a health professional? But …

Perhaps it is worth stopping a moment to analyze a series of clues stretching as recovery media:

To understand how the body works in relation to stretching can be considered to stretch is nothing but put under tension body tissue. According to its proponents it relaxes the muscle and allows a better sport. Still, considering that muscle tissue can act only shortening; to apply a stretching (force that pulls him) said tissue will respond the only way he knows, shortening (contracting). If this relaxed or not, remains to be seen. It depends on much more than the mere fact that something is called the stretch to have positive or negative effects.

Consider all applications of force alike, while no more accurate application parameters of these forces on our body definition. Put that way, it should not be much difference between lifting weights, for example, and stretch.

Understand that during and after overexertion whose cause may be stretching, football game, weights, even a food that has sat us badly, or without, fatigue from a hard day’s work … the body is misaligned neuromuscularly (excessive inflammation) and more exposed to injury.

Knowing that the body can readjust itself by rest or by lower effort intensity globally speaking (for example after a football match, to soft, or mild exercise race), but there may come a time that even with this is enough and has to resort to reconnect areas, due to overuse done, made vulnerable (lack of neuromuscular communication). This reconnection enables you to deal with a new strong demand.

Having an exercise routine that allows the body to be increasing capacity to hold loads the most vulnerable body areas cease to be.

If you never stretch or made you feel good today notes that is no longer what it was, it is very possible that your neuromuscular system is sending signals will be suffering greatly and require review by a professional.

Approach Optimmus where we will make a complete check of your body. From the first session you will notice significant changes.

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