Montse Azorin

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“My second stroke left me in a wheelchair since my left-side was paralyzed.  I was told about muscle activation method and decided to give it a try: I had nothing to lose and lots to gain if it worked.  This is how it went.  Just from the first session I noticed a change like a kind of power and a lot of energy and after two months I was already walking on crutches.  Now I already have mobility in all of my left side, walking without crutches and from time to time I even dare to dance!  For me it’s been the best thing that could have been recommended to me.  From not being able to walk nor use my left arm now I’ve started giving dance classes again!  And everything has been as a result of muscle activation technique and re-educating them so that they can communicate with the brain once more.  I assure you that this method works and urge you to try it.

Thanks so much Dani!”