Josep Vide


“My muscular problems and pains started before I was thirty, and were without doubt caused by a sedentary life, lack of regular sport, excess of weight and too many hours at work.

Since then, I’ve practiced sport in fits and starts, apart from my addiction to golf that is, and I’ve tried different ways of treating my various and recurring muscular problems (back, neck and lumbar).   My first injury left me with a neck brace for a week (on my thirtieth birthday), and I was treated by the physiotherapy services provided by my medical insurance (currents, cold/heat treatment,…).  Later on I was prescribed muscle relaxants and various types of anti-inflammatory (which led to gastritis), more physiotherapy, osteopathy, stretching and although it is true that they helped my situation temporarily and that they quickly got rid of the pain, they weren’t able to improve my deeper problem.

I started with Dani a Little over three years ago, when I was already into my forties, with quite a lot of skepticism at first after all the different things I had tried.  Apart from the surprising sensations that went along with the sessions I have to say that since then I’ve done nothing but improver.  I feel much better than I did in my twenties.  After playing 18 holes pulling the bag myself I now don’t feel any pain at all, as if nothing had happened, whereas before I used to finish my rounds of golf wanting to put ice on my knees and ankles.

Now I am 43 years old.  My back has stopped, after more than ten years, being something that would seize up all the time.  I’ve started to go mountain biking two or three times a week without my body giving me any signs of pain.  Although I weigh 10kg more than when I was 30 (Dani hasn’t found the key to this yet) I am able to support the weight better than ever.”

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